Instrumental  Study:  Bachelor Degree in Piano

The University Mozarteum offers both the bachelor and the masters degree in piano.  Length of study for the bachelor degree:  8 semesters.
The goal of this program is the development of pianistic and artistic excellence of the highest international standards.  Successful completion of the Bachelor Degree enables the student to continue study at the masters level in one of five areas of emphasis.

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examination consists of
1. a piano audition 
2. a test of basic musical skills and knowledge
3. a german proficiency exam

The audition consists of two rounds.

The audition program must include:
  •       A technically demanding etude
  •       A work of J.S. Bach
  •       A classical sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven)
  •       A romantic or modern work

Final Examination at the End of the 8th Semester

The program for the final examination must include the following:

  • Two etudes, at least one of which is from Chopin
  • A polyphonic work of any style
  • A large work of Bach or another baroque composer
  • A major work of Haydn or Mozart
  • A sonata of Beethoven
  • A representative romantic work
  • Two works composed after 1890, one of which composed after 1950

From these works the examination commission chooses a program of 45 minutes duration which is made known to the candidate seven days before the examination..