Instrumental Study:  Bachelor Degree in Harpsichord

The University Mozarteum offers both the bachelor and masters degrees in harpsichord.  Length of study for the bachelor degree:  8 semesters.
The goal of the this area of study is the development of performing artists with international standards of excellence, including in the area of continuo playing.  Successful completion of the Bachelor Degree enables the student to continue study at the masters level in two of the five listed areas of emphasis.  

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examination consists of a harpsichord audition, a test of basic musical skills and knowledge in German language.
The audition program must include:

Final Examination at the End of 8 Semesters

The commission will select approximately 45 min. from the following works, which will be presented at a public recital:  

One work is to be performed by memory.  One work may be performed on the Clavichord or the fortepiano.  The works to be performed will be made known to the candidate three days before the examination.